About me

In my store, every garment is meticulously crafted by my own hands, from start to finish. I embarked on this journey driven by a desire for concert attire that truly embraced the essence of a woman's body. Frustrated by the sea of oversized t-shirts, I took matters into my own hands, shaping each piece to accentuate femininity and individuality.

Rooted in my deep connection to black metal and the rebellious spirit it embodies, my creations reflect a personal rebellion against a painful past. Raised in a Christian family, I endured immense suffering and abuse at the hands of those who invoked the name of Christ as their justification. It is from this darkness that I draw strength to empower women, allowing them to feel confident, alluring, and exquisitely beautiful through the garments I craft.

My focus is not on conforming to the traditional confines of fashion. Instead, I channel my passion for music and my unwavering determination to break free from oppressive experiences. Each piece carries a unique story, intertwining strength, defiance, and the transformative power of self-expression. I want to ignite a fire within every woman who wears my designs, igniting a sense of empowerment and liberation as they embrace their true selves.

In this realm of personal creation, I strive to honor the power of music, the resilience of the human spirit, and the indomitable strength that resides within. I invite you to step into my world, where handcrafted garments merge with the rhythm of your soul, amplifying your presence and radiating the fierce beauty that lies within.